Meera is based in London, United Kingdom. She studied at University Of Westminster and graduated in 2012. Her collections are produced in United Kingdom.

London based womenswear designer. Meera Sharma designs for confident women who are not afraid to express themselves. These are the women who people aspire to be like.
Meera Sharma’s debut collection, titled Femme Fatale, is inspired by the female superhero, who to Meera is the ultimate woman; a woman that is sexy, strong and powerful. Meera’s collection looks at the two layers to the powerful super women, which is represented by the contrasting fabric choices of leathers, plastics, sheer fabrics and cut outs. The all black collection features leather straps that are contained inside the garments allowing them to be styled in different ways. The more you move the straps the more gathers that appear changing the shape of the garment.


Here below an interview to the  design
1) Can you tell me something about yourself? (Your roots,background and when fashion become your life)
I am of Indian heritage but was born in the North of England. I have always loved fashion from a young age, be it observing what people wear to designing clothes for my barbie dolls. I had that Barbie fashion design programme, I was constantly on it designing clothes for my Barbie dolls. It was a natural progression to get into designing. I thus went to the University of Westminster, which is one of the top universities to study fashion, and gained my degree and my debut collection!
- Where do you find your inspiration?
I am inspired by everything, be it a painting or a item of clothing. Take my debut collection it was inspired by my love of comic books and the female superhero!
-Where people can buy your collection?
I am currently in the process of securing stockists, but my pieces are made to order so if someone is interested in purchasing a piece they can email me at Some pieces can be purchased on Perry Nelvill but it is easy to contact me direct.
-Expectations for the future?
I would like to establish my brand around the world. I am very ambitious and ideally would like to have my fashion label known by everyone and to show at fashion week!

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